VE2WHH Wayne

My introduction to ham radio was early in life at about 6 years old (1956). I would be positioned beside VE2QE Ed Hill in his shack with strict instructions to listen and not to talk when he was on the air. This rule I observed beside his radio for many years when visiting him at his farm in Aumond Quebec. 

In later years, early 90’s, I was allowed to turn on the Swan 500 rig but, do not touch the controls was still the standing order. Unfortunately I did not get my ham license until after his passing.  A good friend and fellow police officer VE2GWC, Gary Mace, sparked my interest and the rest is history. 

A bit about VE2QE Ed Hill (licence back in 1930 or so). Ed was a self made educated man, having been born in St Donat Québec but raised in Eyebrow Saskatchewan. He road the rails to Montreal during the depression. He worked as a mechanic with White Truck who had it’s dealership on Bleury Street in Montreal.

Ed was a pilot and during the War he conducted tests on parachutes, however he was not attached to the parachutes when doing the testing at Cartierville airport.  He used his own biplane which he used before WW II to deliver mail to Roberval and other northern locations. After the war he continued bush flying and taking anyone who wanted to try flying for a short ride. He ended his flying days when the ski of his biplane dug into the snow on a winter landing. (1949)  CF-BEX. 

Ed was very involved in the development of the well known Beaver aircraft due to his bush experience. He also contributed to the  Canadian Aviation and Space  Air museum in Ottawa.   He returned to his roots, farming, in Lacolle and then Aumond.