PL Net History

We are attempting to capture the history of the Professional Loafers Net and its participants. So if you have any anecdotes or information describing the origins of the PL Net and any of the characters involved please send them to Tony VE2KM by clicking here


I used to sometimes listen to the PL Net before I was licensed in 1969. The NCS in those days was usually VE2HI, Ethel Pick, one of the women pioneers of Amateur Radio. When I first checked in as a new amateur with phone privilege, probably in 1970, it created a bit of confusion as my original call was VE2AHI. I had at least one amateur suggest I was bootlegging Ethel's call sign so I was more careful to enunciate the "A" after that.

Here is some interesting info and Bio of Ethel.

VE2NHL Bruce

When I started on the PL Net 18 years ago Bill, VE2GK, was net control. When he became a silent key my father, VE2BIO, took the mike. I can remember that everyone checked in at 8am at once and the controller would be burning up his pencil trying to keep up. About 10 would check in at 8 and nothing after that. That was the norm at that time. If you were not on time you would catch the wrath of the controller.
My how times have changed.